Multiple .CZ domains registration

Here you can register up to 10 .CZ domains at once using the same informations.

Enter a maximum of 10 domain names simultaneously. Enter each domain on a new line.


If you don´t have your DNS set up, you can use our nameservers. In the following field, insert the identifier GRDNS. Free DNS is provided with a new .CZ domain registration.

Note: if you use our nameservers, it is necessary to activate and set up the DNS records after registration of your domain. On the page domain browsing will be available the following link DNS administration. Click on it and carry the requested steps.

If you don´t wish to use our nameservers, please enter the identifier of the previously created nsset or register a new nsset.


Nameserver set identifier
If you leave this field empty, the domain will be delegated to the zone (i.e. will not work)

Example: GRDNS


DNSSEC provides ordinary users with greater security for their browsing on the Internet. Operators of the Internet services and applications gain greater reliability and security of information provided.

Necessary for DNSSEC operation

Example: KEYSET-GR


To register a domain enter your Payer´s ID (idacc). If you haven´t done so yet, register as a payer right now.

Enter the identifier of your previously registered contact for .CZ domains.


0 to 10 contacts.

Each contact person ID should be separated by ',' or enter every other contact on a new line.




You will receive information about the processing of your request to the information e-mail address.