Registration of other domains

On this page you can register other domains

Notice: completion of the operation for some other domains may be conditioned by additional actions (eg email verification or manual processing of the request).

Nameservery If you don´t have your DNS servers yet, you can use our nameservers. Use and as nameservers. We offer free DNS along with registration of a new domain.

To register a domain enter your Payer´s ID (idacc). If you haven´t done so yet, register as a payer right now.

The domain registration requires you to provide all data of the domain registrant. You can use an existing cz contact to fill in the data.

Enter the identifier of your previously registered contact for .CZ domains.

Personal data

Company name should be filled in only in case of legal persons

Enter valid phone number in +420.605123456 form

Enter valid phone number in +420.605123456 form

Tax Identification Number can be written in 3 forms: in the old form, composed of numbers only (e.g. 789-123456), the new form, composed of numbers and capital letters (e.g. CZ98765432), or as a set of 6-10 numbers (e.g. 123456).

Example: CZ98765432


Enter maximum 4 lines.

Example: Zlín district



You will receive information about the processing of your request to the information e-mail address.